Monday, April 29, 2013

Strawberry Choc Cheesecake

Yesterday I baked this choc is actually strawberry choc cheesecake..
Ok as most of you know, I'm no longer domestic goddess since back for good was so easy to get MALAS mmg tahap dewa lah.
Nway this was a barter (promised) to my lil sister..I was supposed to send my maid back to her brother's house for cuti..but hubby was not around plus i drove to 2 kenduris on saturday morning and afternoon (Seremban then Klang). By the time we got home i was exhausted.
So i called her to ask a favour. She said ok BUT her hubby was craving for choc cheesecake. She ask me if I can bake for her..My answer: Definitely YES coz I would rather stay home than driving to Ampang!! hehe..
So off she went to send my maid. I was s'possed to bake on Sat nite but I dozed off instead!! LOL!!
That's why this cake was ready on Sunday morning!! ;))

Below are just some pics during the making...I didn't realized that the strawberry choc bar is pink..tak sister wanted to have some strawberry flavour in it..there u go..

Step 1: Prepare the choc base with digestive biscuits 200gm, 2 tbsp choc powder (whizz in blender/ food processor) then add melted butter 150gm. Pressed down on springform and put in the fridge/freezer.
Step 2: Prepare the batter which consist cream cheese 900mg, caster sugar 190gm, 1 tsp vanilla essence and 4 eggs (add egg 1 by one after the cheese has smoothen).
Step 3: Then when the batter is ready, melt 200gm choc bar in a bowl on a simmering water (double boil technique). Do not let the bowl touch the water.

Step 4: Then add some of the cheese batter into the melted choc just to regulate the temperature. Eventually add together both mixture (in the recipe u should add cheese to choc. But i did it vice versa and whizz a lil bit with the mixer.
Step 5: Pour the batter onto the choc base in the springform.

Step 6: Then wrap around the springform with aluminium foil. Put the springform in another tray filled with water up to 2/3 of the height ( i just used shallow tray and filled with water)
Step 7: Put in the preheated oven temperature 150 degree for 40 - 50 minutes.
The centre should be wobbly and set in the fridge later. Make sure you check regularly after 40 minutes to prevent burning the top part.
Step 8: when cooked, take out cool it down and put in the fridge (preferably overnite) but for me few hours is enough.

When it was done and while waiting for it to cool down, we went to Alamanda to do some shoes shopping for my boys. They grow up really fast that we had to buy their shoes every few months..Fokai laa mummy and bapak die..nasib boleh pass down the tak rugi sgt laaaaaa... 


Lunch at Alamanda..
Ya Allah dh besar anak2 ku..hehe..bukan senang nk bwk tiga org ni outing. But if we were just keep them at home pun not fair kan? 
Tp yg si kecik Ayman ni ok jugak. He would run around in a bit tp nnt die nk hold not bad lah..i always paksa my hubby to bring them out..mmg kita as parents ni weekend rasa malas sgt nk keluar..but bile fikirkan the boys kesian..weekdays pegi skool, then duk rumah tgk tv buat homework etc..bila masa diorang nk enjoy kan..
penat ke tak mmg i will always arrange for outing..
Now my new technique during outing: I tried to avoid them watching/playing ipad/psp/phone. So yesterday when we reached there, i brought them to MPH, asked them to choose comics. So they will just look at the pics or read it. Coz as you know there so many bad reports regarding addiction to ipad. I also tried to avoid my lil one from watching youtube from ipad. So weekdays mmg sorok ipad. Instruct my maid to give him colouring books or watch tv sometimes or just let him play bike at the porch.
dulu mmg jadikan ipad as the short cut solution so the kids would sit quietly. But thinking of the bad consequences, i think no more ipad after this. Biar diorang buat aktiviti fizikal pulak ie swimming, cycling etc.

Bile dah sampai rumah, Adam yang dr td x sabar nk makan cheesecake terus serbu!!!
Haha takde topping so the top x lawa sgt..janji the taste sedap kan!!!

Well, this is actually the improvised version of Chocolate Cheesecake by Hummingbird's. One of the famous bakery in London!
Sebab guna strawberry choc, the colour also changed! And it has strawberry flavour as well..smell nice, taste nice (bukan nk perasan but it's true!!)..

And this is my big boy Adib.
Aduhs pening jugak semalam coz we actually were looking for his jalan2 shoes. But he insisted for football boots..pening cari merata..dah la kaki die kecik xde last we bought shoes which are slightly bigger..he was sooooo happy!!
Terasa dh tua okaaayyyy!!!

Anyway Happy Monday everyone!!!
Looking forward for the labour day!! Cooottttiiiiiiiiii....yeaaaaaaaa....


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