Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Toy

Title semua adalah poyo!! Again I'm publishing an old post!! Sorry peeps..

Actually this toy was a replacement by hub coz he left my DSLR in the train in Disneyland Paris. And we could not trace the camera..So just before i pop, he bought this LUMIX (i actually bought it using his money!!! haha..)

This camera is equivalent to one of the LEICA camera which i forgot the model. But because the body was made by panasonic, so the price was lower. The lens is made by LEICA!! If you were to buy the same one but body made by leica, u can get 2 of this!! haha.. (should learn more tricks in buying camera huh!!)

Really handy, pics of very good quality!!
No regret at all.. 

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