Monday, April 22, 2013

Old posts in draft box

Tetiba rasa nk jengok blk my blog..and see what i've done to this blog..then when i searched the draft box, i found so many unpublished post which i quite like..hehe..the reason is I can always look back the sweet memories during our London days!! 
Owh I know this is nothing..I know lots of other people will simply go there shopping and come back and fly whenever they want. That didn't apply to me before I went there heheh..Yelah working as a young dentist who got married at young age, our priorities were different. We focused more on starting our life from scratch. We denied offer from parents to live with them or take whatever their offer. We rented a house instead and live humbly. Hehe...seriously. Ok tetibe laks termasuk cerita tak relevant..

Alhamdulillah i managed to further my study in was always my dream to study in UK. tak undergrads dapat postgrads pun jadi lah. More fun coz I got to bring my family too!!

Orait so from today, I will start to publish my old draft posts. Hehe..Then maybe I will add on new post in between. In the mean time will find time and space to change the layout etc..and update blog yang usang ni!! 

Happy browsing coz I may be quite lazy to write a lot. But of course a picture would say a thousand words!! Enjoy!! 




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