Monday, April 22, 2013

7th Anniversary

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We celebrated this 2 years ago..haha..i was 9 months pregnant and was counting days to POP (6 days before Ayman popped, to be exact). Alhamdulillah we managed to celebrate and had supper coz my mom was around to help me looked after the boys. And my bro and his family came to visit.. ;)

The cake..just a simple ice cream cake..

Adib was 5 plus this time..ignore the messy house as we had guests..of course la mcm tongkang pecah...haha..but who cares having family around when you were abroad was such a blessed!!! ;))

Big Bro, Hubby, Adib, Me, Mom and niece..My dad paid for my niece's tix coz she got 8As..she was soooo lucky!!!

Look at how BIG I was!!! OMG..really enjoyed looking at this pics.. ;))

Then we went to our fave restaurant- Tinsletown in Hampstead for supper. Coz I had to put the boys to sleep first..hehhe...

Si tembam meeee!!!!

Food here was awesome!! Can't wait for August to have this again!!!

One of my fave pic.. Should print and frame ti pic!!! ;)

Alhamdulillah masih dipanjangkan umur..we celebrated 9th year anniversary last march..hehe..
what an old post!!! ;P


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