Monday, April 22, 2013


haha ootd..last time i dun even know what is ootd!!
it's actually 'outfit of the day' or wiwt - 'what i wore today'
mcm2 betul la virtual world ni..

nway dh lama x my ootd for last saturday:
jacket, top & pants - H&M
Scarf - Kamdar kot course i'm not so sure..x ingat dah..hehe.. (defo not tie rack!)
Bag - Chanel Jumbo Red (hidden on the other side)
Belt - Chanel chain belt (special edition)
Pumps- Prada (my 1st Prada which i bought in 2008 during my 1st boxing day, but last saturday was the 1st time i wore it!! so many 1st!!kekekke)
Beg melaram- Chanel Tote Black in Caviar belongs to Palais Luxe (if it belongs to me, what say YOU??haha..)


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